Thursday, February 4, 2010


Osteoporosis is a bone skin become thin, this condition normally happen to adult people above 60 years and often happen to women just on very special condition osteoporosis can attact young people. After menopause women don’t produce estrogen hormone. This hormone functions to make the bone keep solid. The best action is preventive maintenance to avoid this condition exist or to make slow down this natural conditions. Preventive maintain to this condition is better do from we are young, by regular sport in and eat food contains enough of calcium.

Currently many of supplements that contains of many mineral and calcium for old peoples. You can use this supplement to prevent from that condition, if you still young better consume of food that contain many of mineral and calcium like sea food, crab, cockle and drink a water from calk mountains regularly, not every day but regular like once a week. This water is health and contain enough of mineral and calcium on it.

Osteoporosis Symptoms:

* Feel pain on bone
* Easy of broken bone, even because of little wound, or even spontaneously.
* Hunchback because of back bone compression.


* Broken bone is hard to recover
* Body organ that have this diseases can’t work normally
* Body organ dysfunction

Osteoporosis can causes by less of mineral that is needed by our body to build bone like calcium.
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