Monday, November 17, 2008

Building Immune System

Historical Science invention this century that resulting of 50 years experiment from 1949 by all scientists of more than 60 countries.

Building Immune Power: During his research, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence has founded “information molecule” of immune system that is contained on while blood cell. That molecule can be moved from other people and will give the recipient a body impenetrability from certain disease. He named that molecule a “Transfer Factor” (TF). On the next research this TF also founded on colostrums (the first mother milk) and on yellow part of egg.

More than 50 years after finding of Transfer factor, scientists from more than 60 countries than work for the next research. More than 3,500 report of scientific report have been launched and more than US $40 million have expensed for that research. Extraction process of that Transfer Factor from the colostrums of cow and the yellow part of egg have been patented by 4 life researcher.

Cancer Institute of Singapore have recorded that 1 in 3 Singaporean are likely to be infected by Cancer during their lifetime, and 1 in 4 Malaysians will suffer from Cancer as National Cancer Registry of Malaysia, Indonesia, no registry.

“Without an Immune System, YOU CANNOT SURVIVE…”
“To the degree your immune system works you are able to adapt to a WORLD FULL OF PATHOGENS and MICROBIAL THREATS.”

For several people an immune system have build naturally from they are birth, such as native Irian Jaya of Indonesia, this people have a natural Immune system to Malaria disease. Even many cases, Irian Malaria make other people die, but the native people will never get a malaria disease.
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