Monday, July 14, 2008

Breast Cancer on Man

Man also can have breast cancer, because man has a similar breast network. As on the new research, breast cancer in man often too late diagnoses and found on further stadium. So breast cancer on man often founded on critical condition. This research analyzes from 146 man breast cancer patient. Men who get these diseases have 62 years old of average.

From the research one third found that man who knows has a breast cancer in further stadium when he checks up to the doctor. This is not same with women who check up to doctor only 10% have on further stadium.

This happen may because of doctors who check up some man doesn’t suspect that that bump is a breast cancer. And so do man might not will distrust that they have a breast cancer and the slower cancer diagnose come to doctor compared to woman

Breast cancer on man is more affected by hormonal factor. If take in a good care from the beginning will get a better prognosis compared with woman. Men who detect earlier have breast cancer will life 10 years or more about 47%. While for a man with further stadium will life on 10 years future about 44%.

Attention for all Men: If you have bump in your bosom, go to a doctor. Don't wait because you may possibly have got a breast cancer.

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