Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beware of Using V Sandal Regularly

Beware of using open toe slipper or V sandal regularly, this is not good for your Health! Washington - Rubber Sandal with the nipper string in the form of V letter or more knowledgeable with called as sandal is not good in the reality for health. This sandal can injure your foot and foot finger.

This matter pursuant after the result of research from American health expert founded that the open toe slipper nip which often referred as flip-flop in America can cause injure if continuous used. Those who devoted hence slipper nip can cause of serious hurt as the experience.

The chief of researcher team, Justin Shroyer, telling many people blaming shoe cause the light pain in bone in the foot/feet so that more opting them hence slipper. "This is real, so that each altering their life style by using slipper nip," Shroyer said as cited at news.com.au, Thursday (12/6/2008).

Shroyer hope the slipper nip is not made of a especial choice on a day-to-day basis, this type of slipper better just be wore rarely and changed in a few month." Slipper nip is only wear in easy going atmosphere for a flash in the pan of," he was augmented.

In this research, they assess the way of people walk and their strength with the foot stepping on the ground with the shoe or slipper nip. The result, those who wear slipper nip using energy higher to walk compared by them walk or run by imposing shoe.

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