Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smoke Causing Cancer

About 65.6 million woman and 43 million Children of Indonesian get exposed to cigarette smokes or said that they are as passive smoker. They have risk to get many diseases such as, bronchitis, tuberculoses, intestine cancer, liver cancer, stroke, and many other diseases cause of smoke. Other smoke also can cause the same diseases like exhaust of car, motorcycle, plant and others. Those numbers is from Kompas daily news about healthy or Kesehatan.
In Jakarta many car that should not be functionalize again, old car, bajay, and many bus that out of standard can cause cancer if you get exposed every day. Who get exposed from this, women and children, how many of them who get exposed from this? Not as much as those number but every city civil surely be exposed. They have risk from cancer and many other diseases more possible.

The dead people cause of those diseases always increasing every year, but no body can detect and guarantee the basic cause of those diseases. But if the patient mainly from city, this is cause by the pollution environment, not cause by cigarette. If the patient came from country or village, this disease can believe caused by cigarette. But how many people from village get cancer, very low.

So what realy causes of cancer dieses?

By the way cigarette remains not good for health and financial, better you stop for smoking. Because prevention is better than curing. Our environment is becoming worst and worst, oxygen consumption is always increasing. The increasing of consumption is not because of human live consumption but your car, your motorcycle, plant and other machine is consume Oxygen for out Atmosphere.

The global warming is not because of deforestations only, but more cause of high increasing for oxygen consume and release CO2 and CO from your car, your motorcycle, engine, and Plants and Industry.
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