Official Google Blog: Yahoo! and the future of the Internet

Official Google Blog: Yahoo! and the future of the Internet


michael said...

this is for the real joe the plumber, i am also a working middle class american and thank to our beloved W i am taxed at a rate of 39% because i work on commission an idea the PRESIDENT threw in on one of his bills, if you honestly think mccain is the way make no plans on buying the plumbing business, your taxes may be more tolerable but your insurance and all other expenditures are going to be un-obtainable, OBAMA, will not lead the US to a socialist party, but 10 billion a month to fight a war that is not even a war will bury the US, the market,housing, education, insurance, high unemployment, has been lead by mccains teacher, mccain is a vet and his efforts during war i will say THANKS, all my life i have been upper middle class working 12-14 hours a day to be and get better for my kids, only to have the republicans say keep working we appreciate it, OBAMA has the plan and OBAMA has the common sense to decide first and then react, mccain will react first and then decide, that is why we a as a nation are in the jam we are in. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL, mccain says get ready to FALL> PS, pay ohio the money you owe them, you already have republican tendencies we need more citizens like you.

Swasasi said...

Mr. Michael, if you talking about tax rate, actually it's arranged by the Govenment rule that is based on our income. If my income is as big as others employee in the world, may the tax also will rise. Our income tax is about 25% but depends on our income, if our income just on the floor base, no need to pay tax.

Btw thanks for your response and comment.

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