Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Help of Bleeding

Bleeding from small hurt is easy to stop by pressing above the hurt for about 5 minutes. But super hemorrhage is serious condition case emergency that endangering soul.

Bleeding assumed weight if:

· Blood spray out fast for the hurt

· Bleeding take place more than 5 minutes, or do not desist after repeatedly depressed powerfully during 5 minute.

· Blood loss has as much of a glass full.

What should do by benefactor?

· Laying down patient and lift the bloody shares higher than the heart position.

· Press tightly the bleeding place using lint.

· Wrap tightly using lint, if bandage bloody don't be changed, placing above another lint and depress again.

What includes on emergency cases?

· Head injure with the sleepy symptom or vomit puking.

· Excitement Injure because accident or fall.

· Faint or unconscious.

· Broken bone or dislocation.

· Excitement pain on chest suddenly.

· Excitement stomachache suddenly.

· Uncontrolled bleeding.

· Hiccough with the out of breath symptom.

· Dose excess medicine or poisoned.

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