Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Food for Worker

Each of everyone who will go to work have to take breakfast or eat before engaging in, because food represent the source of power and improve the work capacities. Meal that contains enough of calorie and nutritious can prevent the fatigue and disease trouble. Worker who works from morning till evening, need lunch to change the energy used to work. Food requires to be prepared to lunch or can buy in canteen otherwise provided at work. Food eaten shall contain the nutritious substance with the well-balanced composition and amount according to requirement:

· Source of power Food-Stuff:

o Rice

o maize

o parsnip, bread, noodles and others

· Food-stuff of body Constructor:

o Tofu

o Tempe

o Eggs and eat

· Supporter food-stuff

o Vegetable and fruits

Multifarious vegetable and other food-stuff are better than the same vegetable and food-stuff each time eat.

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