Saturday, February 23, 2008

Medicine Knowledge

Medicine is very strong chemical substance. Beside the benefit to human, medicine can make accident. So if you know about medicine and how to use correctly and safe you will have benefit from them. Actually many diseases can take care in home and use trade-free medicine.

There a several medicine than is forbidden for women on pregnant, and other kind of medicine is forbidden to drink together with other kind of medicine, because that medicine may have neutralize effect each other, or make stronger that any bad effect to our body.

Every medicine have different guidelines on how to drink. Example of the guidelines:

1. Drink every 6 hours or 8 hours this mean that medicine must be drink every 6 hours or 8 hours.

2. Tree times a day, this more flexible it's mean that you can drink in the morning, evening and night.

3. Drink after eat. This means that the medicine can drink while eating or as soon as after eaten.

4. Drink before eat, its mean that medicine can drink two hours after eat or one hour before eat.

5. Drink medicine when stomach empty, this means same with drink before eat.

How to Keep Medicine

Keep medicine in the right way make the medicine is not changed, because the changing of medicine can make the medicine useless to body or can danger to your body.

1. Keep medicine separate from food.

2. Keep medicine in origin bottle to avoid chemical changes, every medicine need different place in plastic bottle or glass bottle.

3. Avoid from sun, heat and humid (far from lamp, direct sun, kitchen or bath room)

4. Don't keep in refrigerator, except as the guidelines.

5. Don't keep many medicine in one place (bottle).

6. Keep medicine for drink separate with skin medicine (not for drink).

7. Keep medicine far away from children's reach.

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