Friday, September 1, 2017

Change Season to Raining Diseases are Coming

Change Rainy Season Make More People Getting Sick

Now is rainy season already begin, rain always come every day. What actually happen on the rainy season? it become something amazing, because already long time no rain. This year may almost 6 months no rain and when the raining season comes, every thing become amazing. When raining comes everything grows by theirself, not just grass, but small fruit trees also grows. We don't talk when the seed comes but it looks already rule by the Almighty Power, he is the God.

Many stranger plants are growing, like Desember flower that growing very fast, faster than the other flower. Growing bigger and bigger like already targeted that on December all should be finished and merge flower. Only need 4 weeks they are growing and become bloom.

Changing in season usually will come other strange diseases like flu and rheumatic are coming. Influenze are coming, its like wake up from the sleeping diseases. The virus like sleep in long steady season and suddenly come in the changing season. On the changing season certain diseases like wake up from long sleeping.
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