Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ear Buzzing (Tinnitus)

Ear echoes or buzz can be caused by many things. The cause is often due to a disruption in the fallopian tubes Eustachio’s. This channel is small and connects the middle ear with the nasal cavity. Usually, because the heat that is too high. Before going better, you could put water into the ear for a moment, then remove it again. This can do once a month after a bath in the morning. Get custom to eating fresh fruits and fibrous. Consult your doctor also specials ENT, in order to get adequate treatment.

Other Source
Tinnitus is the medical term of ear buzzing that comes from the Latin is "tinnire" which means "buzzing". Tinnitus is not really a disease, but the initial symptoms/symptom that because of an illness in our body and can cause a number of medical conditions such as reduction or loss of hearing due to aging which resulted in the hearing, the occurrence of damage on the ear, or indication of system diseases circulation in the body. Although not disturb the appearance, but tinnitus causes discomfort and eliminate concentration when doing any kind of activity so that in some tinnitus sufferers will experience a deterioration of quality of life. In most cases people Tinnitus can be treated with certain medications, especially if the cause can be known, whereas for the other treatments can only alleviate or minimize the buzzing sound so as not to interfere with activities of daily tinnitus sufferers.

Root Cause:
In many cases, the major cause of tinnitus is unknown, but generally the cause is due to damage cells in the ear.

In the inner ear, thousands of auditory cells maintain 'electrical signal' and microscopic hairs forming tufts on the surface of each auditory cells. When normal conditions, these hairs move in rhythm with the pressure of sound waves. This movement triggered the cells to break the electrical signal through the network of the auditory nerve. The brain will interpret these signals as sound.

If these hairs are damaged, they will move randomly in a constant state. Unable to hold' charging', the auditory cells of the leak. Electrical signals to the brain as a very noisy sound.

Damage to auditory cells in the ear can be caused by:
  1. Of age. Age automatically reduces a person's hearing ability.
  2. Ear trauma resulting in erosion of the hearing capability. That's why it's not advisable too often hear voices that are too hard in along period.
  3. Side effects of the use of certain drugs in a long time. For example the use of aspirin, a drug to cure malaria or cramps in the legs, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Usually annoying sounds will disappear when the consumption of drugs was stopped.
  4. Disturbances in the jaw or the occurrence of changes in the bones of the ear.
  5. Too much to drink alcoholic beverages.
  6. Shifting of the bones in the middle ear affects hearing.
  7. The occurrence of trauma in a collision on the head or neck which affects the inner ear.
  8. The occurrence of excess ear fluid due to ear infections.
  9. Suffering from high blood pressure.
  10. The presence of tumors in the head or neck.
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