Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tobacco Control Program

The article from BMJ journal about tobacco control, base on the feeling of smoking cessation. This program base on the believe that tobacco can causes cancer like lung cancer and many other diseases.

On the previous way conducted by the pharmaceutical industry in an effort to change unhealthy lifestyles by providing replacement therapy of consuming nicotine considered ineffective and is more an attempt to sell a cigarette replacement product.

Tobacco control is the program for lead in children so far from nicotine tobacco that can cause non communicable disease. There have been often continuing and enlarge scale of smoking prevalence over the past of 20 to 40 years, in number of cigarettes smoker per day, the test of effectiveness in the incident of index diseases like lung cancer.

Tobacco control more of propaganda program on how to live health. The world health organization’s framework on tobacco control to about 174 nations has think about the applicability of tobacco control model to chronic disease at large. This program will boosted on September United High level Meeting on Non communicable diseases.

To reduce on consuming tobacco globally on whole population become the target of this program, preventing uptake among young people has long been advice for governments political stripes, far more lives will be saved over the next decades by promoting cessation in current smokers.

By this program, Australia has seen daily smoking prevalence fall to 15.1%, with tax and well funded mass media awareness campaign being mainly responsible. Government also agree to support this program and make tobacco tax increases are the ace in the pack.

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