Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wrong Diagnoses Make Wrong Medicine

I have an experience for this condition last time, because wrong of sick diagnose make doctor give wrong medicine. And the consequences ill difficult to cure by wrong medicine. Many diseases give similar symptom like fever with hot body temperature and other similar symptom like inflamed in throat and on your body.

Some diseases show similar irritation view on the skin surface like fungi and bug that infected your body, for this specification you should check to specialist doctor who can differ exactly.

Already several time this wrong diagnose make the patient die because the doctor less of knowledge about those disease or the disease is new and seldom attack to people. For the first time doctor can make wrong diagnose and can make critical time to help for the patient.

Fever symptom often seen to children that attack by cough or flu, and doctor is not suspicious if the disease actually dengau fever that cause by ant bite. Dengau fever will make the patient fever on and the body temperature don’t to drop after 3 days, if facing this situation you must suspicious that your disease is not usual cough or flu. You should check your blood immediately to make sure about your disease. If don’t be cured with right medicine you can be died.

Other similar symptom also for inflamed on the throat that caused by cough and mouth ulcer, but there are little different for mouth ulcer there any spot on those inflamed that normally not view if because of cough. Even this is not serious problem but wrong diagnose make your disease difficult to be cured.

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