Friday, October 31, 2008

Melamine Contains in China's Products

China now admits that animal feed producers commonly add the industrial chemical melamine to their products to make them appear higher in protein. Melamine is use in china’s industry in many applications. The same name melamine also use as adhesive, after treat and change into sticky substance.

Facing this situation china government even don’t prohibit in use of this chemicals mixed with food, but just limited. As many news in this Internet that says melamine effect if consume for a long time have carcinogenic effect, its mean that our body can’t process this chemicals become a safe substance. As long as melamine use for fooling a customer as if protein content is high but actually low protein.

The tools to check the calorie content may cheated by this substance but our body doesn’t. Our body can’t accept this chemicals as protein but even assume this chemical as poisons. This is why at least 6 babies died after consume milk that contain melamine.

Adding melamine to powdered infant formula is a long-standing, widespread practice in mainland China. Many China’s products that have added melamine as protein cheated, beside a milk powder, biscuit, animals food, and many other product that base of milk such as ice cream, chocolate, yogurt, bread, etc.

Melamine also used in fire retardant foams because its high nitrogen content is released as a flame snuffing gas when it reacts with heat or fire. I also know from personal use that melamine is used to coat the outside of particle board to make a smooth white product to use for shelving.
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