Sunday, January 8, 2012

We Are What We Eat

A healthy body is the dream of all people. A healthy body is a priceless treasure. Not a few people who want a healthy body but just sit on and just daydream. Do not want and never tried how to keep his body healthy and not sick. In fact, most of them do not know what the meaning of healthy, healthy and where it originated. Do you know where the health is beginning? Healthy beginning and start from our home kitchen.

Why say we started from the kitchen, not started from someone else the kitchen, or kitchen of food traders. Because someone else kitchen or kitchen of food traders we will not know in detail, what they cook, what they would mix into the food they sell. The more we consume food from the kitchens of others, the more we do not know what's going to affect our bodies.

Not a few of us who spend a huge cost just to beautify and adorn the kitchen of his house, but very little or nothing may be said, people who think about what healthy foods and beverages that will be made in the kitchen of his house.

From now, we should think to be able to create and produce food that is not only delicious but also healthy in body. Use various types of vegetables and fruits as well as existing natural spices. Vary of color and flavor.

The more we eat foods that are only good on the tongue, but rich in substances additives and poor nutrient, the sooner our bodies become worn and damaged. 80-90% of various forms of cancer is closely related to the food we consume daily. For that, be smart of choose healthy foods that are anti-carcinogenic.

The more we eat healthy foods, such as organic fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and fiber, the more our bodies are healthy too. It is not easy and not cheap to get healthy organic fruits and vegetables, but at least eat lots of vegetables and fruit from the market, it's still better than we do not eat at all. By the way washed thoroughly with running water for the rest of contamination of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides hope there could be lost.
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