Friday, October 14, 2011

Prohibition for Single Women Eat Bananas

As a single woman, of course many rules and myths are always around our lives. However, some myths, it turns out it can be proven scientifically. That is why ban was supposed to be obeyed.

Prohibition of eating green banana fruit for women who is still virgin for instance. Nutrition expert Prof Ir Ahmad Sulaeman MS PhD, in light conversation with Republika explaining the scientific reasons behind this ban. "Banana had a substance that makes a high libido," he said.

If you're eating too many bananas, for a girl, would be dangerous, because the libido will rise. Especially for woman with status still single, so they can not flow sexual desires. "If married, a high libido will not be a problem, but when I was a girl, this can become problems. So better to cut it," he said.
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