Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pregnant Women Prohibit to Smoke

Smoking is one threat to the fetus in the womb. However, still quite a lot of pregnant women who remained stubborn and unwilling to quit from smoking. At least in the United States found 12-24 percent of pregnant mothers continue to smoke.

In a recent study conducted by scientists from Loma Linda University School of Medicine found one of the dangers of smoking to the fetus. Mentioned that the fetus is exposed to nicotine will suffer high blood pressure when he was an adult. As a result, their risk of suffering a heart attack at a young age.

The study was conducted by measuring the effects of nicotine in fetal rats. However, if the same effect also occurs in humans, of course, the heart health of newborns need to be a concern.

Another study conducted in humans showed children that born from smokers women were damaged in their vascular system. Since it is impossible to try nicotine exposure on the fetus, Da Liao Xiao and colleagues conducted a study in mice.

In the experiment, Xiao provides exposure to nicotine in 12 pregnant mice and placebo in 13 other rats. Then the mice were born monitor their health until the age of five months to determine whether there is a sign of heart damage or impaired blood circulation.

In the fifth month, the baby mice from the group given nicotine had two classic symptoms of increasing the risk of heart disease, namely increased oxidative stress and hypertension.

Actually quite a lot of research showing negative effects of cigarette smoke to the fetus, for example reducing the production of milk, a baby born with low weight and the baby's growth is not optimal.
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