Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tonsillectomy or Tonsil Surgery

Tonsilitis or inflammation of tonsil should be treated as soon as possible, if not treated can make many complication even can disturb of child development. So when the surgery should do?

Tonsil is a lymph tissue that locate on the left and right side of esophagus, this organ is part of immunity system. So not all tonsil inflammation cases can remove the tonsil. On the tonsillitis cause by bacteria can give antibiotic beside giving anti pain medicine and drug fever. Tonsillectomy may need be do if child many times have febrile seizures, mouth smell, or clogged on respiratory.

Conventional way on tonsil surgery use scalpel, other modern way is do by electro cutter or microdebrider. But the two ways still have risk of bleeding and long painful. By using new technology of radiofrequency, tonsil surgery is prefer to do, because have recover time faster, a week after the surgery usually the patient can eat as usual, even just limited meal like the doctor advise.

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