Thursday, July 29, 2010

Worm Infection

Worm Infection
Human can be infected by many kind of worms, every kind of worm have certain symptom and different effect to our body. The kind of worms that can infected our body as follows:
  • Maggot
  • Tape worm
  • Hook worm
  • Trematoda
  • Pinworm
  • Thread worm
  • Whip worm
Worm can enter to our body with many ways depend on the worm type and the life cycle of worm. Maggot worm enter to the body by their egg that swallowed together with other food that contaminate by dirt. Hook worm larva alive in the ground and enter through the skin that causes infection. Tape worm and trematoda have mostly life cycle in the animals body then enter to our body because we eat of raw meat and fish or medium done of meat and fish.

The common problems are causes by maggot and thread worm. Thread worm egg around the anus. The eggs is bring when people scratch, if the hand is not washed then can infect other people.

  • Sometime without any symptom
  • Not specific complaining like tired and body weigh down
  • Even sometime happen but very rare have a stomach-ache and puffed up or intestine plugging.
Thread worm that often attack to child causes feel very itch around anus. Whip worm infection often make our faces mixed with blood, and sometime rectum part is little stick out at anus. Anaemia because of less iron substance is a symptom of this worm infection.

What you can do?
  • Be careful when eat raw food, or medium done. Especially on the place that have bad sanitation.
  • Cook of food until well done. Salad vegetable should be washed clean.
  • Keep clean of our body like always wash hand after out from bath room/WC and before touch a food.
  • Avoid from hook worm can by always use sandal or shoes when walking.
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