Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bad Smell of Breath

In the fast day many people feel sorry for bad smell of somebody’s breath, because during 12 hours mouth is not used even unwashed. The condition will different if this is Ramadan, but always have bad smell of breath. Somebody with bad smell of breath have a social handicap, for this abnormal condition better check it to a doctor.

General causes of bad breath smell can easily prevent, but for seldom causes and more serious such as sinusitis (infection on the face bone cavity), lung diseases and digestion trouble must consultation with a doctor.

Bad smell that come from mouth

General Causes:
  • Can cause by oxidation reaction of rest food that is trapped between the teeth and from holey tooth.
  • Because crumpling of bacterium plaque, whiten soft layer on gum and on the tongue.
    Suppuration from gum and tooth infection.
  • Constipation (difficult to defecate)
Take Care:
  • Clean the gap between teeth using dental floss, brush the teeth after eat, and wash until clean, also brush your tongue.
  • Using dessert dilutions only close over the smell but not eliminate its cause.
  • Drink water often to prevent of bacteria accumulation on saliva in the mouth and red lane.
Doctor Treatment:
  • Scraping and brushing tooth cleaning bacterium plaque, and hard bacterium plaque called as tartar from side of gum.
  • Take care of broken tooth and filled tooth which have hole.
  • Omitting gap between teeth that become pigswill place.
  • Curing infection in the gum sacks and abstracting a damage tooth.
Advice and Health Tips:
  • Keep clean the mouth and check your teeth regularly.
  • Drink enough water and eat fibrous food to prevent from constipation and sport regularly.
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