Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Medicine Expired

When the medicine should be throwing away?
Medicine with doctor certificate must be throwing away after the dieses have recovered. The medicine remaining is may not be kept to be used in other time or used for other persons. Every medicine can have any other effect for different person except antibiotic medicine must drink until finished even the diseases have recovered.
Medicines without doctor certificate easily gets in the market and sometime intentionally keep for our stock, but should be remembered that those medicine have an expired date. The medicine also can change on stored. The medicine must be throwing away when:
1. Have expired as on the label
2. No expired date label and have kept for long time i.e. one year.
3. The color/form/turbidity has changed.
4. The label has loose or not clear.
Medicine can use in many ways. For getting the maximum benefit you must understand how the right uses of such medicine. To avoid the wrong use of the medicine, read the guideline on using the medicine.
The form of Medicine
The medicine have many kind form, there are tree kind of medicine usually used, tablet, pill, capsule and liquid. If the form of the medicine like tablet is too big to swallow you can ask for other kind of medicine such as syrup form, because every medicine can be formed in a certain form.
The medicine also can be given in many ways, oral medicine, injection, suppository, peccary, and topical. This way of medicine given and how to use the certain type of medicine will be described in the next articles.

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