Friday, February 15, 2008

Control the Changing (Addition)


·         Keep the joint flexibility with stretching practice.

·         Rotation movement of neck, shoulder, wrist and tarsus.

·         Sit-Up

·         Lift foot to the front, back and to the side.

·         Bent the elbows and knees.

·         Bent the back to front, back and side.

·         Play fingers like to play the piano.

·         Advice to follow meditation (yoga) and taichi to keep the flexibility of joint and to maintain the balancing.

·         Keep hands and feet warm in the night to avoid of stiff in the morning.



·         Osteoporosis usually happen to women more than 60 years old. This can avoid by eat calcium.

·         For menopause women better consult to doctor if she need addition of hormone.



·         Brush teeth every morning and before sleep. Be cleaned the tooth gap once a day.

·         Change the wobbly tooth. Artificial tooth that right set up help you for right chewing.

·         Regular consultation with dentist to control teeth if there is a hole or gums diseases. Also to make sure that the artificial tooth have set rightly.

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